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Good News Friday - 19 February 2016

Good News Friday – 19 February 2016




Who’s on Duty?

Sun 21 Feb 2016

Icicle (7)


Nick Brandon

Assistant OOD

Vicky Ford

Safety Boat Driver

Steve Troke

Safety Crew

Richard Hales

Galley Supervisor

Amanda Whitehouse

Galley Assistant 1

Bev Wells

Galley Assistant 2


Bar Duty 1

Will Croxford

Bar Duty 2

Nat Croxford

Spaces on RYA First Aid Course, Saturday 19 March

This is primarily aimed at people who would be helping with our Junior Training but also at other people who contribute to training at the club. 

We have seven people enrolled at the moment and as the course has a maximum of twelve places we could still take another five. Please let Roy Alexander know ASAP if you would like a place 

His e mail is

Warm weather sailing kit – Anyone want ideas?

I have been in contact with George Kingsnorth, Sales Manager from Gill who has given us some ideas of what we may want to take with us to Barbados, or indeed summer sailing kit ideas (for those who will not be joining us in Barbados).

George has given us the following prises based on reasonable group purchase. We would like to ascertain if anyone is interested and if so take advantage of these group prices. If you are interested in any of the items outlined below could you let John Edge know? John will NOT be placing the orders but merely ascertaining interest at this stage. Also if you would like us to pursue a SSSC team kit order please let us know and we will look into this further.

Could you let John Edge know by Friday 26 February either by email: or when you see John down at the Club.

Wetsuit Shorts @ £35 -

Speedskin Trousers @ £49.56 -, please note the link takes you to the outgoing product … the new product is almost Identical! And will be in stock v soon.

Speedskin Skiff Suit @ £74.76 -, Again please note the link takes you to our outgoing product, the new version is almost identical, however is a 2mm suit. The product featured in the link if preferred is a 3mm/2mm suit and can be the same price.

Hiking Pads @ £32.76, compatible with the Wetsuit Shorts, Speedskin Trousers and Speedskin Skiff Suit.

Impact Shorts @ £46.20

Rash Vests @ £24.36 for Long Sleeeve – can be printed … I’d be happy to extend to 30% discount off RRP if a Rash vest was used as a branded team item

Hydrophobe Trousers @ £37.80

UV Tech Range @ 30% discount if bought as team kit -

Crew Range @ 30% discount if bought as team kit -


Vice Commodore

Sail a Nail Club League

I have been wondering about how to get some water time whilst our boats are away on their holidays to Barbados and have had an idea!

After some negotiation it looks as if we can have the use of the club GP’s for a few weeks.

The way  I see this working is that we turn up with kit then draw numbers on a boat (1,2,3,4,5,7,8,and 11 are available) and then just with maybe 30 mins to prep, go out and “join in” on the races just to get the water time. The idea is this is a random draw.

Now obviously these are not the finely tuned racing machines we are used to – but it’s just luck which one you get!! The absence of any spinnakers should focus the mind!

The new training boats have been deliberately excluded as they represent fat too much on an advantage.

We will then run a series amongst us with the title “Sail a Nail” (I have checked with the Bosun and this is a fairly accurate description!)

We are even looking for a prize!

This is not restricted to just the Barbados crowd if anyone else wishes to join in. The arrangement will be:

1 – The boats must be signed out by the helm on the sheet in the club house.

2 – The insurance excess must be covered by the helm.

3 – Rudders and sails (although if you have your own then I think we can allow that) are on the ‘mezzanine above the boat house and should be retrieved and returned.

4 – In accordance with club rules no series race points can be awarded. So this is just amongst ourselves.

5 – Please sign off as DNF just to avoid confusion with the results.(You will probably get “written down” by the OOD so signing off as DNF will help there).

Please report any issues with the boats back to the Bosun (Steve Baker) as this will help everyone. Keep it polite.

Unfortunately I may not be able to make this week’s sailing – but see no need for this should not start from the 21st February.

Rob Hicklin
Sail a Nail League Manager

Annual General Meeting Update

The Annual General Meeting is just 2 weeks away. This is a reminder to put it in your diary. It’s your opportunity to hear reports of all that has gone on this year, to congratulate Mike on a successful year and to welcome Annette as the new Commodore. 

There will be a report on proposals to extend the club building and as this will involve spending a substantial proportion of the Club’s reserves members are encouraged to come to the meeting to hear all about it to raise any queries or concerns and to indicate support for these improvements.

This is also a social occasion, the bar is open, and there will be plenty of time to chat to friends old and new.

Committee places: the deadline for nominations has now closed and a full list of all nominations for Office and Committee places is on the notice board.

Your Flag Officers and Committee look forward to seeing you on 1st March.

Clive Williams
Club Secretary

Please rate and review our Facebook Page

It is this time of year when we start to promote the Club’s Learn to Sail courses and also the Open Day. We know that potential new members check out our Facebook Page, as well as the website, to find out more about the Club. The ‘Rate and Review’ section on the Page is a good way of showing off about how great the Club is but we only have 18 so far so if you get a change please can as many people as possible give the page a rating?

Club Development Update

At the Annual General Meeting last March a plan was presented to apply for grant funding to help develop the club house facilities. Unfortunately our application was not successful, the stiff competition from other applicants being the main reason for this. The General Committee believes that although we have a superb club house, improving our facilities is something we need to actively progress. We are very fortune that due sound financial managements aided by the huge amount of voluntary work members contribute, the club funds will allow us to continue this development. The next phase is expected to primarily focus on extending and improving the changing rooms, and the details will be outlined at the next AGM.

A small subcommittee has been set up to define priorities within our budgetary constraints, and whilst the trade is well represented we are looking for members who may be able to assist in the design and regulatory compliance of the project, if you can help then please speak to me at the club (I am there most Sundays) or e-mail me.

If you are not an “expert” but just a willing volunteer who can offer help don’t be disappointed, as during the last development phases, there will be plenty of opportunities to help later in the year. As ever by offering your time as a volunteer we will be able to keep the costs to the club down to a minimum. We will keep you updated on plans and progress. 

Martin Warburton
Rear Commodore

Bank Holiday big boat sailing, boats filling fast!

Friday 29th April, evening to Monday 2nd May, evening in the Solent.

Spaces are filling up fast for this trip, the first three boats are already full and we are now making arrangements for a fourth boat. If anyone is interested, please contact Mark Nichols as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or are interested in coming along, please let me know as soon as possible so we can reserve the boats we need. 

Mark Nichols
Big Boat Co-ordinator

South Staffs Social

The next social event in the calendar is a talk by Chris Blackburn on Junior/Youth sailing development, this will be of interest to all current juniors and parents.

 Tue 23rd Feb – Talk by Chris Blackburn (RYA High Performance Manager), 7.30pm - FREE 
'Training Options from the RYA for Juniors' - Chris will outline the Pathway created and supported by the RYA. Our club is a fantastic jumping off point for all those that have a desire to travel the world as well as for those just happy to stay locally and compete.

 Sat 27th Feb – Dinner Dance at The Mount, Tettenhall - £32.50

 Tue 1st Mar – Annual General Meeting

 Sat 5th Mar – Coach Trip to the Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace, London - £20 Adults, £10 Under 15 

South Staffs on Tour

It's around 29 degrees at the moment in Barbados and only 5 weeks until the start of the GP14 World Championships! 36 boats were packed up last weekend in Aldridge with a good number of those South Staffs boats. There were loads of pictures taken on the day so if you want to see how they all fitted in check out the SSSC Facebook Page and the GP14 Facebook Page. There is also a little write up on the GP14 website.

The final round the Blithfield Barrel took place on Sunday which unfortunately clashed with some of our competitors not having boats (see above) and hampering their ability to finish higher overall.

Huge congrats to Mike Owen and Paul Bottomley who were our highest placed boat in 23rd overall (out of 88) and also to Jonathan Woodward in 33rd. Full results can be found online:

Travelling 2016 Fixture List:

Lark Fixtures for 2016 can be found HERE.
GP14 Fixtures for 2016 can be found HERE.
Solo 2016 Fixtures can be found HERE
OK (UK) Fixtures for 2016 can be found HERE.

Don't forget, if you're taking part in any open events and want to let everyone know how you got on, email us at:

Capsize of the Week

You can run but you can’t hide from the publicity team, especially with Michelle on the water! It was a fairly manageable and consistent breeze on Sunday with the exception of a few nasty gusts that took boats out in groups.

There were a few contenders for this week’s coveted wooden spoon with Chris Jones and Brian Waymont making an early bid for success with a capsize pre-start of the AM race. Chris is fast rivalling Nick Brandon with his capsize recovery speed and managed to avoid the eager lens of the publicity camera. His second capsize of the day later on was perhaps his most impressive from the point of view that he actually managed to get it moving again when it looked sure to sink with the amount of water taken on board!

Bill Bradburn gets the ‘thanks for turning up’ honours with his brief 2 minute stint on the water before being towed in with a snapped halyard.

Our winners for the week though are Tony Hotchkiss and Jack Fisher in the Lark. Jack, who only had a dry suit on, was quite keen to stay dry and happy to watch Tony floundering around in the water while he looked on with mirth. When questioned about his lack on willingness to help Tony, Jack commented that Tony had laughed at Jack for capsizing previously so he was waiting there for a minute and enjoying the moment!

New Photos

All of the photos of Tony and Jack’s capsize as well as some actual sailing are now in the Club Gallery on Picasa:

Club Sailing 14 Feb

If you ever have anything you want to share with other Club members or the world at large you can post directly Facebook page, Group, tweet @SSSCTweet or email: the deadline for Good News Friday each week is 9pm Thursdays.


Michelle Evans - 19th February 2016

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