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© Neil Goodhead / Martin Warburton
© Neil Goodhead / Martin Warburton
© Neil Goodhead / Martin Warburton

Team Racing League 2012!

Next Round

FIRST RACE:                        22 September 2012, 12:00 

League Dates

There are four more team racing dates for this year

22 September

20 October

24 November

15 December


Running the League

With the fleet of team racing boats available, we have set up a league, similar to a football league, where competitors sail against others of a similar level. This is a great opportunity for SSSC to develop the expertise and harness the enthusiasm for team racing that has surfaced again recently and we hope to get as many members as possible involved in at all levels, from beginners to advanced and Juniors to Seniors.

This year, anyone in the League can race on any League day. All you need to do is sign up a week or more before. You can do as many or as few League days as you want!

Each time you race, you will be able to move up (or down) the League table.

The races will be umpired by someone from one of the top leagues, and volunteers will be needed to start & finish races. All competitors will be required to help and this will be in addition to normal club duties.

You can find the current league table and racing dates above. If you can’t make a League day you have signed up for, please arrange for a replacement and let the OOD know. Remember, we need 12 people to race!!!

If you are interested in joining the league or have any questions / suggestions please get in touch.

Happy racing!!!


Keith / Chris - 01st June 2011

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