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Message from Malta !

E-mail Diary received from an SSSC sailor in Malta.

Wednesday 16th December

I thought I had escaped the last week of work at school, but my dad said I had to write to south staffs sc about the euromed optimist regatta in Malta.
We came to Malta beause my mom, being nosy, found the regatta on the oppie web site.
I unpacked the sail we have just bought from Sarah Norbury and seeing her sail number got some of the lads worried. We had to reasure them that Sarah wasn't here.
The Russians are really keen. They start training at 9.00 and finish just before dark at 4.30. The Brits are a bit more relaxed, infact it took us all morning to get rigged.
Yesterday I got ready and the wind came up to force 5-6. We watched the Russians rip two sails and then decided not to go out.

Today (Wednesday 16th Dec) it was blowing force 5 again. We went out and after about an hour I'd had enough. My Dad was gagging to sail the oppi back because he hasn't sailed for a week but the coach sent us back in the RIB.

It doesn't feel like christmas here because it is warm and sunny. We hope you are all having a great time getting ready for Christmas.

Today is Thursday 17th Dec and the wind has settled in at force 5 - 6.

We went out and I sailed around for about 2 hours but I didn't gybe. The wind came up and got too strong for me so Dad got his chance and the coach put him in my boat with me. This didn't help as we pitch poled even with his weight. So they put a good sailor in with me Instead. We did a more stylish pitch pole and lost another burgee.

Races start tomorrow and if the forecast is correct it will be force 6 - 7. If it is me and Dad will sit on the committee boat instead. We entered the race today and I got a T shirt. I am the youngest sailor here.

At least the water is warm and Dad got his fix sailing oppies around for a while before the coach sent us back in the rib. Dad says the wind blows the rib sideways and he is stressed incase he gets the prop stuck around one of the millions of bouys floating around.

This beats school and homework. I'm supposed to be practicing adjectives.

Today is Saturday 19th December and it is 6 o'clock in the morning and we can hear the wind whistling around the hotel.

Yesterday was the first day of racing. The Italians turned up late and so the juniors were kept waiting on the start line for over an hour. The wind came up and up to force 6 and I got wacked on the ear by my boom and I'd had enough. A laser bent its mast and an oppie mast ripped through the mast thwart. At least it wasn't a british boat. Infact we had a ball fight gbr v rus and we won.

I was towed back and on the way we rescued a laser being blown on to a lee shore. Dad sailed the laser back but he says don't tell them at sssc that he's been sailing a laser.

We are watching big cats paw gusts out of the window and I think I won't sail today.

Sunday 20th December.

Although I had decided not to sail, the wind dropped and I changed my mind. The junior race had been put on standby and I discovered that yesterdays junior race had been abandoned so I had not missed any races.

In the first race I missed a mark and did a longer course and so got timed out. In the second race I overtook 6 boats to come 11th.
I missed the last race because we had been told that there would only be 2 races.

I had a brilliant time and really enjoyed it. The coach said he was really pleased with my performance

Drew Wright


Drew Wright (Aged 8) - 17th December 2009

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