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Blackcap goes to Greenwich - 1983

Blackcap, Peter Waine's famous 18 footer, was taken to the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London in April 1983.

The 18 foot sailing boat was designed in 1907 by Olympic helmsman Linton Hope. She is the prototype Thames half-rater and is steeped in sailing history. Blackcap was lovingly restored and modernized by Peter in 1953.

It took about a 1,000 hours to renovate her during the time Peter owned her. When he took on the boat he had to build their house and garage around her. The garage was 45 ft long to accommodate the boat and mast, and the house was the same distance in length. (The boat came before the house.)

Blackcap won the very first race at SSSC at Calf Heath in 1954. Peter donated Blackcap to the Greenwich museum, as it was the only one of its class left in Britain. It was considered priceless.

Wally Horton, who was SSSC secretary from 1972-75 and commodore in 1976-77, remembers towing Blackcap to Greenwich, with his wife Betty, and Pam and Peter. There was some drama on the way. It poured with rain all day and they had a puncture on the boat trailer on the motorway. They managed to change the tyre at the motorway services, but then the car wouldn't start. There happened to be hundreds of Manchester United supporters at the services, so some football fans gave Blackcap (and the car) a push.