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The Pam Waine Salver
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Pam and Peter Commodore's Day 1989
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Peter and Pam in their firefly 'Swift'

Pamela Waine Trophy

Race Format

One P.Y. race, including single-handers. The helm must be female. Race sailed in conjunction with the Mrs. H.V. Gough Ladies Trophy.


Pamela Waine was the Club's first lady Commodore in 1989-90.  Pamela was the SSSC Secretary from 1977 to 1987 when she became Vice Commodore and then Commodore.  Pamela continued to be SSSC Secretary from 1990 to 1998.  Pamela is now a Honorary Life Member of the Club.


Memories of my Commodore's year 1989-90 by Pam Waine

I was proud to be the first lady commodore. In fact I was offered the position a few years earlier but I had turned it down.

On my commodore's day I had tried to arrange for a pony and trap, but these seemed hard to come by and very expensive. So I changed plans and decided to come in a real RNLI lifeboat, organized by the Timmins family. Peter and I were dressed for the part, in RNLI sweaters, caps and wellington boots and joined the life boat at the beginning of Gailey Lea Lane.

Unfortunately I had forgotten to bring any shoes, so when we dressed for the tea party, I had to spend the rest of the day in stockinged feet. Peter and I were seated under the club mast and served cucumber sandwiches and tea. We were attended by two young boys, Christopher and Peter Mellor and Sue, with Jonathon Parry and John Mellor all dressed in Indian dhotis with large fan-like objects on poles, as punka wallahs. Peter and I first met whilst at Rangoon Yacht Club.

Thank goodness we were not treated to being drenched with water, as seems to be the norm nowadays. Past commodores and wives were served sit-down teas in the clubhouse.


The trophy was first sailed for in 1997. 

Previous Winners

Year Helm Crew
2016 C Hicklin N Booth
2015 M Hicklin J Hicklin
2014 C Hicklin A Hicklin
2013      M Hicklin       A Hicklin     
2012 C Hicklin  
2011 E Davies  
2010 C Hicklin  
2009 S Billington  
2008 S Billington  
2007 S Fleming  
2006 L Jakeman  
2005 S Fleming  
2006 L Jakeman  
2005 S Fleming  
2003 S Mellor  
2002 R Jakeman  
2001 R J Nixon  
2000 R J Nixon  
1999 S Mellor  
1998 R Jakeman  
1997 G Ashton  

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