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The Toby and Dorothy Stobart Trophy

Toby & Dorothy Stobart Trophy


Icicle Pursuit Series


Toby and Dorothy Stobart Trophy presented by Dorothy Stobart in 1994 for the icicle  persuit series.  First won by C Jennings.

Previous Winners

Year Helm Crew
2016 S Finney  
2015 A Hotchkiss K Czartolomna
2014 M Warburton J Croxford
2013       C Beddow         C Cook   
2012  S Blocksidge
2011  S Blocksidge  
2010  P Goodhead  
2009  J Salomonson  
2008  D Young  
2007  not sailed  
2006  C Bedow  
2005  J Salomonson  
2004  D A  Young  
2003  D A Young  
2002  D A Young  
2001  J Salomonson  
2000  J Salonomson  
1999  J Billington  
1998  D Young  
1997  Not sailed  
1996  C Jennings  
1995  J Salomonson  
1994  C Jennings