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SSSC Sailing in the Snow Jan and Feb 2013
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SSSC Sailing in heavy gusts and record rain falls Feb 2014
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Icicle Series January 2016

Club Races - Icicle Series

Icicle Series Details

(January to February)

  Total Races
in Series
to Qualify
PY + PH Race 7 3
Pursuit Race 7 3

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The icicle Series - 1994

Having started the year (1993) with nothing but a muddly puddle, we ended the year with plenty of water, so the daring idea was put forward, and eagerly adoped by water-starved sailors, that we would run an Icicle series in the hitherto 'unsailed' months of January and February.  So 1994 was the first year of the Icicle, which also helped attract experienced sailors to a club they previously respected for its hospitality and ability to organise premier events like the RNVR Trophy held at SSSC in 1993.  Now they came to club sail - and some of them like it and stayed. 

(SSSC The First Fifty Years, page100)


Other club events held during the Icicle series:

  • All Fleet Training Day - Boat Set up - Saturday 4th February 2017
  • Tuesday Evening Dancing
  • Team Race Training 
  • Hedgehog Talk

2015 Winners

This icicle series has seen yet another season of heavy rainfall and heavy gusts.  This series has seen gusts up to 60 mph and not all from the same direction.  It made great viewing and hard work for the sailors.  Congratulations to all that managed to get out there and especially to those who kept upright.  For those who didn't keep upright - thanks for some spectacular viewing.

AM PY       J Billington    S Billington  
AM PH M Nichols C Waymont

GP14 Class Series D Young O Goodhead
Lark Class Series J Billington S Billington
Solo Class Series G Bower  


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