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South Staffordshire Sailing Club
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H V Gough Commodore's Trophy
© Neil Hawkins
Victor Gough
© Neil Hawkins
First boat on the Water 1954

H V Gough Trophy


Commodore's Day: Sunday 10th July 2016.  11.30 am Commodore's Bottle Race. 2.30 pm Commodore's P.Y. Race with the H.V.Gough Commodore's Trophy awarded to the winner and the J. Clement Jones Commodore's Salver awarded to the runner up.

For photos of 2015 Commodore's day click here.


The Club celebrated its 60th year in 2014.

H.V.Gough Commodore's Trophy:  Victor Gough is one of South Staffordshire Sailing Club's (SSSC) founder members and the Clubs first Commodore.  Victor Gough was in the first boat ever to sail at SSSC at its original location in Calf Heath reservoir in September 1954.  His building firm provided the hard core for the foundation of the Clubs original entrance and boat park.

Previous Winners

Year Helm Crew
2016 E Bradburn  
2015 D Young O Goodhead
2014 S Watson A Hunter
2013       M Senior      L Senior        
2012  S Blocksidge
2011  E Bradburn  
2010  W Croxford  
2009  M Senior  
2008  J Billington  
2007  J Jones  
2006 J Billington   
2005  K Dutton  
2003  T Hotchkiss  
2002  P Owen  
2001  J Warburton  
2000  N Goodhead  
1999  J Billington  
1998  P Owen  
1997  J Billington  
1996  J Billington  
1995  C Jennings  
1994  S Parry  
1993  P Goodhead  

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