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Calf Heath Trophies
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Clearing the banks 1955 at Calf Heath

Calf Heath Trophies


Three Class races, two to count. 1st race starts at 11.30am, 2nd race at 1:45pm, 3rd race at 3.30pm


There are five Calf Heath Class Trophies: Calf Heath OK Trophy; Calf Heath Firefly Trophy; Calf Heath GP14 Trophy; Calf Heath Lark Trophy and Calf Heath Solo Trophy.

In the Victoria Hotel, Wolverhampton on July 22nd 1954 the club negotiated it's first lease for dinghy sailing on the small Calf Heath reservoir.  It was less than a third of the size of Gailey Lower pool.  It was with Enoch Powell's great help which finally ensured a successful conclusion to the club's tortuous negotiations with the Waterways Executive.  In January 1955 members were organised into gangs for a co-ordinated programme of site clearance and construction.  South Staffs Sailing Club was born,

The Larks have one of the most unusual trophies in the club: the Calf Heath (Bath Heath) trophy with two taps, presented in 1986 by Steve Baker and Paul Goodhead.

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Previous Winners

2015 was a challenging day for racing with gusts at well over 35 mph. 2016 had quite different challenges.  After experiencing snow the day before, winds were shifty and light at times.   Congratulations to everyone that took part.

  Firefly Trophy GP Trophy Lark Trophy Solo Trophy OK Trophy
Year Helm Crew Helm  Crew   Helm   Crew   Helm Helm             
2016 S Troke M Warbrick C Warburton J Croxford C White N Booth S Finney E Bradburn
2015 C Macaulay K Macaulay D Young O Goodhead M Senior L Senior M Davies  
2014 I Leroux C Macaulay M Fleming R Hales M Senior N Booth G Bower E Bradburn
2013       C Macaulay   I Leroux             M Hicklin  H Ramadhar C Warburton S Norbury P Goodhead W Bradburn
2012 C Macaulay
T Edwards   C Warburton   P Goodhead N Goodhead
2011 C Macaulay   M Warburton   C Warburton   R Harper W Bradburn
2010 K Macaulay   M Senior   J Billington   R Harper W Bradburn
2009 A Macaulay   G Jones   J Billington     G Waldeon
2008 K Macaulay   M Senior   J Billington     N Goodhead
2007 K Macaulay   T Edwards   J Billington     M Edwards
2006 A Macaulay   J Stocking   C White     W Bradburn
2005 A Macaulay   J Salomonson   A Parry     W Bradburn
2004         R Johnson     J Hunt
2003 W Bradburn   J Jones   T Hotchkiss     D Danbury
2002 K Macaulay   D A Young   T Hotchkiss     M Edwards
2001 J Billington   K Dutton   M Moscardi     D Dilly
2000 W Bradburn   J Jones   M Moscardi     C Slevin
1999 A Hotchkiss   J Salomonson   M Owen     N Goodhead
1998 J Billington   J Salomonson   R Johnson      B Walker
1997 S Ticehurst   D Young   P Goodhead     N Goodhead
1996 S Ticehurst   R Fishburn   J Billington     N Goodhead
1995 M Warbrick   C Beddow   M Johnston     D Young
1994 S Ticehurst   C Jennings   M Mosardi     K Macaulay
1993 B Hudson   J Stones   A Barnett     K Macaulay


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               Calf Heath Sailing             

  "It looked as if royalty was expected"

    Birmingham Gazette April 1955        

       Our 40th Anniversary