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Uffa Fox Trophy
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Uffa Fox Cuts the tape to the slipway
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Sailing with the Dolphins at New Quay

New Quay Trophy Event


To be sailed at New Quay weekend on Saturday & Sunday. If possible 4 races to be sailed - 3 to count.


In the early 1950s, the GP14 was adopted by three clubs: Aberdovey, New Quay and SSSC.  The 'bell' on the GP14 sail originated from the Bells of Aberdovey, the first club to adopt the new dinghy designed by Jack Holt.  The links between New Quay Y.C. in Cardigan Bay, Wales and SSSC have lasted 60 years - members of the two clubs may have met whilst sailing at Windermere - and team racing in GPs was arranged at New Quay in the early 1950s.

From Easter 1960 onwards, the Uffa Fox trophy races have been held at New Quay.  The rules have been amended but the Uffa Fox trophy is still sailed for today when SSSC visit New Quay Yacht Club during a weekend in June.  South Staffs members have always received the warmest welcome and friendlest hospitality from New Quay club officers and members.

(SSSC The First Fifty Years page 36)

Midland Cup

As from 2013 it will be awarded to the overall winning Club helm sailing a Club class boat & to be based on SSSC's current PH numbers.
This cup will be sailed in conjunction with the Uffa Fox Seamanship Trophy.

Uffa Fox Seamanship Trophy

It will be awarded to the overall winning Club helm sailing a Club class boat based on SSSC's current PY numbers.  

This trophy to be sailed in conjunction with the Midland Cup.

Uffa Fox cut the scarlet ribbon that stretched across the newly-constructed slip way and unveiled a commemorative plaque at the Club's official opening on Saturday 2nd April 1955.

Uffa Fox was the Duke of Edinburgh's sailing companion and became Patron of the Club, Uffa Fox was a world famous Yacht designer and exceptional dinghy sailor.  (For further reading please see page 24 of the SSSC The First Fifty Years, a copy held at the Club House).

Uffa Fox presented SSSC with it's first trophy, which at his suggestion included some seamanship tasks and was not a straight handicap race.  The trophy was first sailed for in 1955.  From 1960 onwards, the Uffa Fox trophy races have been held at New Quay.  The change to sailing on the sea was considered a great improvement, especially as so often there was a flat calm on Calf Heath, whereas at New Quay there was often a fource 4 wind and lively sea.  It has become a true seamanship event.

For details of 2016 New Quay weekend click here.


Previous Winners

  Midland Cup Uffa Fox Trophy
Year Helm Crew Helm Crew
2016 C White  N Booth C White N Booth
2015 M Davies S Scott-Brown E Bradburn M Senior
2014 M Davies S Scott-Brown   M Senior N Booth
2013       W Croxford       R Booth         M Senior       L Senior        
2012  R Kearney   M Senior  
2011  W Croxford   C White  
2010  M Owen   M Senior  
2009  R Hicklin   J Billington  
2008  R Hicklin   J Jones  
2007  M Evans   J Billington  
2006  P Fairhurst   D Young  
2005  M Watts   D Young  
2004  P Owen   P Owen  
2003  M Whittaker   K Dutton  
2002  M Whittaker   J Billington  
2001  J Sinclair   D A Young          
2000  J Billington   C Jennings  
1999  J Jones   J Jones  
1998     C Jennings  
1997     C Jennings  
1996  J Billington   J Billington  
1995  J Stones   J Stones  
1994     J Jones  
1993     H Matthews  

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