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© Annette Fitzpatrick
Century Cup and Walking Stick
© Annette Fitzpatrick
Six time winners in the last seven years!
Old sailors ...

Century Cup

Race Format

To be held on 10th May 2015.

One P.Y. race to start at 4.00pm.  Entries for this race are limited to helms 50 years old or over and the sum of ages of the helm and crew must total at least 100 years.  Helm and crew cannot change during the event. 


The Century Cup was presented by Cyril Richards in 1956.  It was first won by P, C. Richards in 'Marcashee'.  The helm receives a cup and the crew receives a walking stick.  The Walking stick was first presented 10 years later in 1966 and was first won by John Wyer.

2014 Race:  This years event was met with challenging winds (strong, shihty and unpredictable) testing our Century Cup sailors.  Great fun for the spectators back in the comfort of the club house especially when our Commodore managed to capsize.  Well done to all.

2015 Race:  Another day with challenging winds which deterred all but the most determined sailor.  We saw another demonstration of spectacular sailing from John and Sue Billington who deservedly won the Century Cup for the fourth year in a run.

Previous Winners

Year Helm Crew
2016 J Billington S Billington
2015 J Billington S Billington
2014 J Billington S Billington
2013       J Billington        S Billington        
2012 J Billington

S Billington

2011 C Beddow G Beddow
2010 J Billington D Croxford
2009 J Salomonson A Pugh
2008 J Salomonson A Pugh
2007 W Bradburn D Croxford
2006 T Hotchkiss D Young
2005 J Salomonson  A Pugh
2003 J Salomonson A Pugh
2002 G Jones S Jones
2001 C Beddow G Beddow
2000 J Salomonson J Nixon
1999 J Salomonson J Nixon
1998 J Salomonson J Nixon
1997 J Salomonson J Nixon
1996 J Salomonson J Nixon
1995 J Salomonson J Nixon
1994 P Goodhead R J Nixon
1993 R Seivewright H Seivewright


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