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From Calf Heath to Gailey 1964-1974
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Antony presents the Trophy to the 50th Anniversary Race Winners
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The Antony Darbey Trophy

Antony Darbey Trophy

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Saturday 12th July 2014

Past Commodores' Race (Start 2.00pm)

Antony Darbey Trophy PY Race (Start 3.30pm)


Antony Darbey was Commodore in 1967-68 and Club Treasurer between 1961 and 1964.

In 1963 a sub-committee was formed to explore the possibilities of moving to a larger stretch of water.    The Club membership had risen substantially and it was calculated that if all the GPs turned out together for a race they would have just fitted into the start line at Calf Heath, side by side, all touching!  This was the commencement of a seven-year struggle, which culminated in the move to the present site at Gailey Lower Pool. 

In 1970 trail sailing began on Gailey Lower Pool with up to a maximum of 12 boats allowed.  In November of that year however, the British Waterway Board offered the club a lease for the complete use of Gailey Pool.  After years of negotiation, frustration and disappointment, the way now seemed to be clear for the club to make positive plans for the future.  The gratitude of SSSC is very much due to Antony Darbey, who patiently guided the lenghty negotiations around the many difficulties and legal problems.

Antony Darbey wrote two articles in the  'SSSC the First Fifty Years'  titled 'The Need to Move' and  'The Building of the New Clubhouse' which gives us a clear picture of how our former club members worked together to build the foundations of what we have today.  How proud would they be to see our new club house, our achievements both as sailors and as a club as a whole.  I am sure that they would be delighted to know that the core of our modern club is still our members who give up their own time to continue to develop the club and encourage new sailors into our sport.

This year is SSSC 60th Anniversary and there is no more fitting trophy to present at its 60th Celebrations as the Antony Darbey Trophy.

60th Anniversay Race - 2014 Mike and Liz Senior

Previous Winners

This trophy was first presented in 1965 to Mike Nokes in "Shocker".  It was presented at New Quay up until 1999.  It is now presented at special club celebrations.

50th Anniversary Race - 2004 S Mellor & J Billington (Pictured above)

Re-Opening Celebration Race - 2007 J Edge

Winners at New Quay





1999      J Jones       
1998 J Stones
1997 J Billington
1996 D Young
1995 C Jennings    
1994 C Jennings
1993 C Jennings
1992 C Jennings
1991 C Jennings