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Pursuit Race Flag Sequence
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Pursuit Race

What is a pursuit race?

Pursuit races are also known as Hare and Hound races.  Using the handicap system, the boats taking part start in order of speed, slowest go first (e.g. Firefly  - 0 minutes) fastest go last (e.g. Lark - 0 + 4 minutes 30 seconds) and everyone else is spread out in between. 

The aim of the race is to overtake the slower boats and to prevent the faster boats from overtaking you.  The starts because they are staggered, are much easier for the beginner.

How do I finish?

Each boat that finishes receives a hoot unless they are over the line at the start, have been seen not to have sailed the correct course, or have received outside assistance, that's to say you have been rescued.

A pursuit race shall be finished as near as possible to 55 minutes from the Firefly start, at a rounding mark.

The Committee boat should then drive past all boats going in the opposite direction to the course and hoot as they pass to indicate that boat has finished.  The boat positions shall be recorded in correct finishing order as the Committee boat passes down the fleet.

All boats that are sailing at the time the first boat finishes should be given a finishing position.

Starting Sequence

Firefly    0 minutes  
Solo 0 + 40 seconds
GP14 0 + 1 minute 45 seconds
OK 0 + 2 minutes 30 seconds
Lark 0 + 4 minutes 30 seconds


Updated 9 June 2016

(Paul Goodhead/Annette Fitzpatrick)