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Safety Boat Briefing


Powerboat Handbook

September 2015


The powerboats play a vital role within our club, ensuring our safety on the water and enabling us to race and provide training.

This briefing is distributed to all safety boat drivers and crew who have signed up for duties and/or members who regularly use powerboats. It is designed to help keep you, as powerboat users, informed of essential information, act as both a reference point and an aide-memoir.

If you see any articles which you feel will benefit powerboat users or wish to contribute to future briefings please contact Annette Fitzpatrick or any member of our Sailing Committee.

If you have any suggestions for further improving our communications with you or the associated web pages again please contact Annette Fitzpatrick or Steve Baker. Contact details below.

What's new?

We have recently sold one of our Humber RIBs and will now be using the Highfield RIB as our preferred safety boat. The Highfield RIB is fully equipped as a safety boat and has a launching trolley (number 3) specifically set up for it. You can find out more details on how to use this in our Powerboat Handbook.

We will be setting up orientation sessions over a couple of Sunday lunch times to go over the differences between this and the Humber RIB. We will advertise the dates in Good News Friday and our social media.

We have developed and enhanced our Powerboat Handbook and Safety Boat Driver Briefing. We have new web pages and will have links from DutyMan reminder emails. Details below. We welcome your feedback.

Safety Boat Drivers and Crew

Key responsibilities and priorities

The single most important responsibility is to attend every capsize, this could be at a distance.

  • People before property - Do a head count and check that the sailing crew is safe

Your priorities as a Safety driver and crew include:

  • Your safety
  • Safety of sailing crew rescued
  • Safety of other crews
  • Prevention of further damage to the boat and that of other boats
  • Recovery of boats

Even when not on duty, club members ashore should keep an eye on the water activities and be prepared to assist when necessary.


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Safety Boat Driver Briefing

This briefing outlines the responsibilities of the safety boat driver and crew. It also acts as an aide-memoire for those who do not do safety boat duties very often and need a quick reminder of some of the more important aspects of the training.

If you have undertaken crew duties on a safety boat and now feel that you would like to become a Safety Boat Driver, please contact Steve Finney for details. Contact details below.

Read more here.

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Powerboat Handbook

The Powerboat Handbook has been developed to assist and remind boat drivers and club members of the essentials of powerboat usage.

Powerboat drivers are encouraged to make themselves familiar with South Staffs Sailing Club powerboat driver matrix and safety boat briefing.

Read more here.


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Click on the button above for RYA Kill Cord video


Kill Cords

ALWAYS wear the kill cord at ALL times.

A kill cord is coiled in its design to allow the driver the natural movement required when helming a boat. Should the driver move away from, or be thrown from, the helm position the kill cord will detach from the console and the engine will stop. Detaching the kill cord also allows a crew or passenger to stop the engine if the driver were to become incapacitated whilst at the helm e.g. they fainted.

Some Do's

Quick guide to some Do's and Don'ts when using the powerboats.

  • Do check boat and equipment before starting out
  • Do allow engines to warm up before use
  • Do report any issues as they happen
  • Do check the fuel on the safety and committee boats



Some Don'ts

  • Don't leave outboard engine tilted at the end of the day
  • Don't take equipment off for use on other boats
  • Don't drive the boats onto the trolleys
  • Don't leave it to someone else to do


Read more here.

Safety boat duty

The Safety boat rota is published on the web.

Your duties are entered onto DutyMan and you will be sent an email reminder. If you want to swap your duties you can request a swap via DutyMan.




Key Contacts:

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OOD Guidelines

Also known as the Race Officers Guidelines this covers areas such as setting the course, moving marks, recording results, handicaps, scoring and protests.

Read more here.