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What happens if you don't tie your boat down properly !
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Boat Park Details & Map

Boat Storage

Permission for leaving your boat in the boat park is at the discretion of the general committee, as your annual boat fee is actually paid for the use of the water and jetties.

  • Boats should be parked in their allotted space only, and should not extend beyond this as it may impact on other boat owners.
  • Boats must be tied down to prevent them being blown over in the event of high wind.
  • It is a club rule that if road trailers are on site they should be within the boat space and under the launch trolley. They must also be fitted with an immobilising device or hitch lock. Trailers left elsewhere on the site may be removed.
  • Grass in the boat space should be kept cut and members can use the club petrol rotary mower which is kept in the boat house. Strimmers should not be used as they may cause flying debris and damage nearby boats.

James Croxford
Boat Park Administrator Send Email to Justin


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