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The History of the South Staffordshire Sailing Club 1954 - 2004

'The First Fifty Years' - compiled by Carole Danbury

The idea for this history began with Pam and Peter Waine. Peter has amassed a wealth of archives which now form part of this book. I took on the task of compiling, editing and writing "in the gaps" in May 2003. This book, now published to celebrate the club's 50th anniversary, is a tribute to all founder members and to two unique and extraordinary people - Pam and Peter: it is the realisation of their dream.

I wish to apologize to all past and present members, committee members especially, for any omissions. If your name, or your boat or your event is missed out, I am sorry. It is not intentional. There are gaps in this 50 years' story. It is the product of 29 different contributors; or ‘multiple authorship', as Julian Hayes so aptly described it. There is repetition and some contradiction: as it began with Peter Waine's letter in December 2002 to all past commodores, and each response now forms part of this book. Inevitably, the big events and happenings, like moving from Calf Heath, spread over several years, so individual commodores who put pen to paper have covered the same details.

I wish to thank all who have contributed in any way to this history or lent photographs, most especially Chris Rhodes (without whom this book would never have reached the printers,) Mike Moscardi, Eric Whittaker, Lynn & Steve Baker, Nicholas Jones, Judith & John Parry, Tony Hotchkiss, Steve Troke and my son Ian, for "explaining" my computer to me.

Carole Danbury
January 2004